My Goal: To walk across the United States,
lose weight, regain my health and bring
national attention to Obesity in America.

(I wrote this before and just after I started the walk, details of the walk are in the journals, posted by
dates just to the left.)

My name is Gary Long and I live in St. Louis, Missouri.  I am a 51 year old 380 lb man that is suffering
from diabetes, congestive heart failure, enlarged heart, high blood pressure and acid reflux.

I became inspired to walk across America after learning about a 410 lb man Named Steve Vaught
from California that was walking across America to lose weight and regain his life.  His website is:
www.thefatmanwalking.com.  Also because of previous attempts I have made to lose weight have all

I got out of the Army in 1994 and was a slender man until then. 11 years later I find myself 380 lbs and
51 years of age.  I will probably not live long if I don't do something about my weight.

My wife Cheryl supports me 100% because she agrees that if I don't do something, I will probably not
live much longer anyway.    

On  2-15-06 at 10 am I left St. Louis, Mo, in front of the Arch and am walking to New York.  Then I will
fly to California and walk back to St.Louis .  I don't have a time line, only a goal to lose weight and
become healthier.  

I will be looking forward to hearing from everyone.  Feel free toe mail me anytime  I will try and
answer all emails.  My email address is: gary@afatmansjourney.com.  I have started my journal
and you can read my entries by clicking the individual dates on the left  of this web page.  I Hope you
will visit my journal and keep up with my progress.
My Journal
My Journal
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Gary at 380 lbs with wife Cheryl
August 06
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November 06
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December 06
This is me at 400 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been.  I am
standing next to my Mother Evelyn Phelps, younger
brother Danny and two older brothers Bill and Mike all of
Doniphan, Missouri.  Photo taken about mid 2004
January 07
The picture on the left was taken the day I left at
close to 380 lbs.  On the right is me at 239 lbs
close to the Oklahoma state line.
February 07
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