Journal entry, 4-24-07
I know it has been a long time.  You folks are really worried about me.  Well, This is it!!!  I give up.  I am a failure!!!
I will never continue and finish the walk!!!

I AM JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!  HA HA HA HA, I hope you didn't have a heart attack!!!

I am heading back out this weekend.  I have a green light from my Doctor to continue the walk.  I will have a knee
brace with me in case I need it.  My knee is doing fine.  I had an injection in my knee and now it is doing great.  I will
begin walking at daylight this Friday.  I plan to walk 20 miles a day for two days for a total of 40 miles.  That will put me
in Missouri.  I will have to return to St. Louis Saturday night, as I have to work Sunday evening.  It is important for me
to keep my job, so I must walk only on my days off.  When I am a little closer to St. Louis, I will walk every day until I
get to the arch.

I have so many important things to tell every one.  I am teaming up with a local gym which is still in the planning
phase.  We will be starting a "Boot Camp" for obese people.  I am very excited about this.  I have a meeting with the
folks at the gym tomorrow.  I will be able to tell you much more after tomorrow and in my next email.  I am doing so
good.  I can't believe my great health that I have now.  

I want to share with you an email I got a couple of days ago.

<> wrote:
Sorry to hear the problems you are having. I really think you ought to come out and admit that while you did lose
weight during your walk, the knee and other problems you are having should be mentioned as a reason for no one
else to attempt this.

You don't others to blow their knees trying to do this do you?

I salute your attempt to lose weight. But I think it's time for you to man up and admit this wasn't the best idea. Even if
you finish your walk, the super long time you took off pretty much has hampered any meaning in it now.

Steve Vaught came to the conclusion that it was foolish for him to do such a walk.


Hi Harry,
The walk was about making myself healthier.  It saved my life.  I was going to die, but I am healthy again.  I had knee
problems before the walk, anyone that is obese and turns 50 has knee problems, so my doctor says.  The main
reason for not finishing the walk is because I am working and can't afford to take off, but the paper did not publish
that, as they shouldn't.

This walk is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  I met so many wonderful people, why would I want to say
that it was not good, or want no one else to do it.  I would love everyone to do it.  It changed my life only for the better,
let alone gave me my life back.  No one in medical history has ever reversed CHF, but I did, thanks to the walk.  I am
no longer a diabetic, why would I wish I still had that?  

So the daylight fades with dusk, night closes in.  The day is done, as my race has been run.  I ponder the hook by my
door that I hang my hat on.  I feel sorry for that old hook, as I know as more days turn to night, my life fades as well.  
That hook shall someday remain bare, for I will not be here to use it. Until that hook is bare, I shall attempt with all my
heart and strength to use that hook, even when I become feeble. For to give up using that hook is to submit to dusk,
and draw nearer to the eternal darkness that I work so hard to keep at bay.

I wrote this just now to try and give you a feeling of how I feel.  As a Christian I believe in an eternal life after this one.  
My reference to eternal darkness is how I associate death after life as we know it.  Christianity to me is having faith
that there is something eternal after this life  Take care, thanks for your email, Gary.

I am so pumped up about finishing this walk.  I hope to meet more of you folks as I continue my walk.  I will try and
keep you updated.  Take care, Gary, "Keep on walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 4-27-07
Today I am back on the road walking.  I got off work last night at midnight and took off for Chelsea, Ok.  I made it here
this morning and have walked about 8 miles and am taking my first break.  I thought I would throw a fast update on

One thing I can say for sure, it sure feels great to be walking again.  There is something about sweating and getting
tired that is good for the soul.  This past few months I thought Chelsea was only about 30 miles from the Mo. state
line.  It is more like 60.  So it will be next Saturday afternoon before I reach Missouri.  I can't wait to get there.  That will
be my last state to walk to complete this journey.  

I know a lot of folks think that the impact of what I am doing has diminished because of taking such a long break.  
Well, that is okay with me.  I am just happy to be alive and healthy and feeling great!  I owe that to this walk and all the
wonderful people I have met out here that have given me emotional and physical support.  My sincere thanks goes
out to you all.  As I am finishing this walk, I am pondering if I want to just keep on walking right through Missouri, under
the arch and just keep on going.  A good friend of mine recommended I just keep on walking to Florida.  That doesn't
sound like a bad Idea.  But we'll see.  

I have been working on a deal with a personal trainer from the Core Gym in St. Louis to put together a boot camp for
obese people. I will share with you a little bit about what that is.  I know how hard it is for many obese people to lose
weight, so I decided to invite obese people from all over the country to come to St Louis and participate in a program
that will teach them some of what I have learned about combating obesity.  I will be putting up a website just for that
cause, and I will put a link onto this website.  I am convinced that many obese people would like to come.  But I will
give you a little hint of what I have in mind now.  When you arrive, you check in and put on a set of sweats.  Your first
day will be class room with a an orientation to a few moderate exercises followed up with, you guessed it, a Walk!!  
They will secure all their things in a separate secure room and sleep in an open squad bay with no one other than
me.  Yes, I will be with them for 72 hours.  Isn't this great stuff!!  The purpose of that is to keep them from ordering
pizza and eating snickers.   Remember, I know all the tricks that obese people use to get to food.   Once they learn
the fast-5 life style, they should be able to control their eating on their own.  I want this to be for every obese person
that wants to lose all the weight and get healthy again, regardless of their financial status.  I already have some
people wanting to come.  So look forward to seeing a lot about this in the news.

Well, that's it for now.  I will put some pic's and maybe a video on my update maybe tonight or tomorrow.  Take care
all, "Keep on walking, one foot in front of the other."

Here are a few short videos I made leaving Chelsea, Ok.  I did not have the camera setting set right so these first few
videos will be a little light.

    Video 1                                                Video 2                                               Video 3

A few miles out of Chelsea I stopped at a place called "Hill Top Bar."  I went inside to use the bathroom and I met a
couple nice ladies there.  I shared with them about my journey and they were very intrigued.  

After a few more miles a very nice guy named Gary York turned around and came back just to see if I needed
anything.  He is also a native of Ok.  He is a great guy and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

I made it to within a few miles of Vinita, Ok.  I am guessing I have walked about 15 miles today.  It was getting dark so I
knew I had to start looking for a place to pitch my tent.  Like always, I spotted a nice place just off the road, so I waited
until it was dark enough to pitch the tent.  I did not want anyone to see me putting up the tent.  I have had a lot of
practice at this over the last year.  I have slept under bridges, in the woods, along side the road, in yards, in parks,
behind bill boards, behind churches, in fields and just about every place you can imagine.  At that, I will sign off for my
first day back at walking.  Take care all, and remember, "Keep on walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 4-28-07
Today I woke up early and tore my tent down before anyone could see me.  I walked on into Vinita which seems to be
a very nice place.  Tim O'Neil called from St. Louis and said he would like to run an update on me Sunday.  Here is
the link:                                        The Story came out Sunday, so just added it onto my Saturday's journal.

The weather was very nice today and I really enjoy walking this morning.  It was going on about 10 am when I came to
the center of town to a McDonalds.  I went in and had a diet coke and thought I would do a little computer work. I met
two guys there that just came from a religious retreat.  They really were interested in my journey so I shared some of
it with them.  We talked for 15 or 20 minutes.  I wrote their names down, but sadly I lost it.  If you guys read this, send
me an email with your names so I can get it on here.  Anyway, they were two really nice guys.   

Soon after these guys left, Brian Richarson, with KODE, with ABC TV called and said he was coming to Vinita and
wanted to do a story.  I told him that would be ok and he could find me walking leaving Vinita.

As I left McDonalds, I met three real nice guys that were Shriners.  They were on the side of the road selling onions.  
Robin & Paula, Both are from Oklahoma and are very proud
to be called Okee's.
(NOTE) I still don't have the date and
time right on the camera.  I guess I will have to read the
Gary York, He is from Big Cabin,
Ok.  I met him about 6 miles or so
out of Chelsea, Ok
Chelsea, Ok, Video 1
Chelsea, Ok, Video 2
Chelsea, Ok, Video 3
Tim O'Neil's Update
Two nice guys I met in Vinita,
Ok at McDonalds.  They really
were interested in my
Journey.  (I had their names
written down, but lost it.  
Three Shriners I met as I
was on the way out of
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