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When I was a couple miles away from McDonalds Brian Richardson showed up.  We did a road side interview for
about 20 minutes.  He was a really energetic fella and I enjoyed the interview.  He walked with me for a little bit and
then he had to go.  He said it would air on channel 7 out of Joplin, Mo sometime tonight.  

Soon after the interview, I came upon some cops that had a car surrounded.  I stopped and talked for a few minutes
and realized it was the "Dukes of Hazard" car, the "General E. Lee."  I took this picture.

Check out this Video I took a few miles out of Vinita.

I will finish this journal entry later, so check back tomorrow.
Brian Richardson with KODE TV, an
ABC affiliate out of Joplin, Mo.
"The General E. Lee,"  from the
Dukes of Hazards TV show.  
Video made leaving Vinita