Journal entry, 8-18-06
Today I woke up at 3:15 am and packed and got ready to leave San Diego.  I had agreed to meet the limo driver in
the lobby at 4 am sharp.  I went down to the lobby and the limo driver was waiting for me already.  We left at 4 am
sharp and drove all the way to Victorville, Ca.  We arrived there at the KOA at 6:20 am.  

Dr. Judi Herring and her Mother Mary were waiting for me.  I got out of the limo and got straight into their car and we
left for a town hall meeting in Hesperia.  We met some very wonderful folks there and we were asked to introduce
ourselves and tell about what we are doing.   We really had a wonderful time there.  After the town hall meeting, we
left for La. We arrived there at about 11 am or so and walked about 8.1 miles.  I was a little out of the walking mode
after having not walked for nearly 3 weeks.

Mary drove the support vehicle near us as we walked toward the mountain.  Dr. Judi walked with me and after a
short period she had her pace adjusted to match mine.  I was impressed by her willingness to slow down to my pace.
 I began to enjoy her company.  Having her Mother Mary close by with extra water and other necessary supplies
soon became very important to us.

The walk was pretty much on a flat surface and wasn't very hard.  Shortly after we started We ran into a small group
of Harley Motorcycle riders.

They were very nice and we had a wonderful time talking with them.  Thank you guys for being so kind and friendly
to us.  You certainly made us feel at home in a place we are not accustomed to.

A short time later Mediha Fejzaglc DiMortino, with the Upland News Bulletin called and asked if she could do an
interview.  We met her at a nice place inside out of the sun and gave her an interview.  Then she went outside and
took a photo of us walking.

You can find a link to the story on Dr. Judi's web site.  We walked a little ways further and stopped at 8.1 miles.  I felt
like not getting to exerted my first day back to walking in California.

We planted a flag beside the road marking the exact place we stopped.  Then we rode with Mary in the support
vehicle to the campsite where they were set up.  That is where I pitched my tent.  

At the campsite Mary prepared us a meal on a grill attached to their camper.  We really had a wonderful meal and I
decided to call Mary Cookie because she sure can cook good.  This is the beginning of me being on the fast-5 plan
to lose weight.  I will attempt not to eat again for 19 hours.  I hope I make it.

After dinner, we took showers and everyone went to bed.  I called Cheryl and reported my first day walking to her
and explained that it is really working out well with Dr. Judi and her mother Mary.  Cheryl and I both agreed that it is
an answer to our prayer.  We had been praying for some sort of support to help get me through the desert.  Take
care all, Gary, "Keep on walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 8-19-06
This morning we woke up at 4 am.  We were on the road by 5 am.  We ran into a little traffic getting to where we had
left off the day before.  We made fair time and soon were walking again.  We are still close to Las Angeles and there
are red lights on every block.  We spend a lot of time waiting for the lights to change to green so we can cross the

We soon ran into a lady named Rosa and her son David.  We talked with them for a while.  They saw our story in
the paper from the interview we did yesterday.  After talking for a while I told David that he should never forget the
words, "Never get fat!"  They left and in a short while brought back several neighbor kids to meet us.  Soon I had
them all chanting, "Never get fat! Never get fat! Never get fat!"  It was a pleasure to talk with them.

As we continued to walk we came upon a shop that had metal sculptures.  I stopped and posed near one while Dr.
Judi took my picture.
Bill McDannell, The Limo
driver that drove me from
San Diego to Victorville, Ca
Mary Herring and her daughter
Dr. Judi Herring, Mary is driving
the support vehicle and Judi is
walking with me.
I was surprised to learn that
these guys are business
men that are out having fun
on their bikes.  The two I
talked with are Chris Ver
Halen & Vince Greva.
Gary Long and Dr. Judi
Herring, passing through
Upland, Ca.  
(Photo taken by the
Upland News Bulletin)
Me, David and Rosa
from Fontaine, Ca.
Rosa and David with some
neighborhood friends.  I am in
the backgound.  They were all
chanting, "Never get Fat!"
Me, waving from in front of a
metal sculpture shop near
Fontaine, Ca.
This station had a sign with the
Bible scripture John 3-16.  I was
very impressed to see such an
important scripture being
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