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As we continued walking a car pulled over and two women got out.  They had read about us in the paper.  They
were so impressed with what we were doing.  They stayed and talked for a while.  It was a very wonderful experience
meeting them.  One had tears rolling down because of her compassion for what we were doing.

At around 2:30 pm I started getting a little hungry just as I did the day before.  I sat down for a while and drank a diet
pepsi and started feeling better in about 30 minutes.  My hunger went away and I was able to go on with no trouble.

We walked a total of 11.5 miles today.  We planted our flag on the side of the road and went back to our camp in
Victorville.  I took a hot shower at the campsite and we all sat down to a nice dinner that Mary prepared from her gas
grill that was attached to the side of there camper.  I can say, her cooking is very good.  Just like my Mothers
cooking.  After we ate, I met some fellow campers that were there.

These two guys were great.  We talked for a while and they were very impressed at my adventure.  I was equally
happy to meet them.  After that I went to bed.  So good night all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the

Journal entry, 8-20-06
Today we got up at 4 am again and got to our start point by 6:30 am.  We stopped at a Mexican Cafe and was
shocked to see they had a Merache Band.  I got up and danced with Mary and everyone applauded.  We only had
tea and diet soda and spent about 2 hours meeting lots of folks.

We met a very nice couple named Monica and Ray Main that invited us to camp at there place in San Bernadino,
Ca.  We accepted and decided to bring the camper down in a day or so.

Later Monica's husband Ray showed up.  Brenda decided to walk with us for a few miles.  We all had a wonderful
time at the Mexican Cafe.  

We continued out walk for a couple of miles and Brenda said that she wanted to bring dinner to us at around 7 pm.  
We agreed.  We stopped walking shortly after Brenda left and we went back to camp.  We got there at around 6:30
pm and took showers.  We were ready  by the time that Brenda and her Husband Curt arrived.  They brought a very
nice dinner and we really enjoyed it.  They stayed for a couple of hours and then left.  We really enjoyed there
company.  Soon after they left, I got into my tent and it took no time until I was sleeping.  "Keep on Walking, one foot
in front of the other."

Journal entry, 8-21-06
Today we got started at around 7 am.  We are climbing the San Bernadino mountain now and it is really a steep
climb with many dangerous places.  Many times the road narrows and I find myself starring down from high points
with a view that is breathtaking.

My right knee started hurting because of an inflamed tendon.  I am taking 4 advil 3 times a day.  It helps with the
pain.  As I go up the mountain I go about 100 yards and rest for about 30 seconds.  Then I go another 100 yards or
so and rest again.  It seems to work and gets me going.  I take about a 15 minute break every hour.  Dr. Judi shows
little effort going up the mountain.  Sometimes she is like a butterfly, gracefully moving along effortlessly.  I think that
before this trip is over, I will be able to keep up with her.  But she does not get ahead of me because it makes me
speed up and wears me out faster.  

After the walk, we returned to the KOA for the last time.  After tonight Judi and Mary plan to move their camper to
San Bernadino for a couple of days.

I took a shower and on the way back to my tent I met three folks from the Czech Republic.

After visiting with them I got into my tent and faded off to sleep. Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in
front of the other."
Jack from Huntington Beach
and Dan from Mt View, Ca
They were there on their
Harleys, sleeping only in
their sleeping bags.
Tracy Phillips of Claremont
and La Shon Washington
also of Claremont
Merache Band that played really
well.  It was a very nice relaxing
moment for us.
Dr. Judi Herring, Monica Main,
Brenda Bell and Mary Herring
Ray and Monica Main from
San Bernadino, Ca.  They
invited us to stay with them a
couple of days.
Mary Herring, Brenda & Curt
Bell and Dr. Judi Herring, They
brought dinner to our camp site.
One of the views going up
San Bernadino Mountain
Jana Dytrycnova, Michael Vrana
& Petr Klener, all from the Czech
Republic.  They were on a
vacation and had a rental
traveling the U.S.
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