So we started walking earlier in the day and quiting at about 11 am and continuing on after 5 pm.  We are up to
about 12 - 15 miles now.  

Today at about noon we went back to wal-mart in Barstow to get some mole skin for our blisters.  My friend from
San Diego called and said he was near Barstow on his Harley.   We waited around a little bit for him and he
showed up.  He had a friend with him and she was very nice.   I am posting their picture here but will continue to
keep their Identity from the public.  

We really had a great time with them and I sure look forward to seeing them again.  I can tell you, my friend from
San Diego is really one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  He really had opened his heart to me and has helped
me in so many ways.  I thank God for bringing him into my life.  I will visit him often when this journey is over.  He
asked me if I would go to Panama and walk the canal when my walk is over.  I told him I would do it.  I will be
looking forward to doing that.   So I am committed and looking forward to it.  

Also another friend and his wife, Phil and Sandy Freriches showed up on a very nice motor cycle.  It was custom
built.  Mary posed for a picture on it.

Soon everyone left and we walked some more.  By now I am walking up to 13 miles a day.  The extreme heat is
relentless.   I hope to be walking more each day.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  I can only update my
website when I have a signal.  Some of the areas I am in doesn't have a signal.  Take care all, Gary, "Keep on
walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 8-26-06
We met a guy named Nicholas Kypriotis just before Newberry Springs, Ca.  He is from Greece and turned out to
be a very nice guy.  He invited us to this house for a cold soda.  We accepted his kind invitation and spent the
next couple of hours visiting him in his home.  His wife was at work so we did not get to meet her.  During our visit
he suggested that we stay at a Monastery in Newberry Springs.  We were happy to do that and by that evening we
pulled up to the Monastery and met Father Nicholas.  The Monks were very eager to help us and offered us food
and anything they could to help us.  Dr. Judi and Mary set their camper up out front and I was offered a nice room
with bath and shower.  It was much nicer than one would imagine.  We ended up staying several days there.  I
would like to thank Father Nicholas, Father Basil, Brother James and Father Moses.  You guys went out of your
way to make us welcome.  We will never forget your graciousness.  

Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."
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My friend and a friend of his
from San Diego.  They rode the
Harley up to visit me at the
Wal-Mart in Barstow.  I was so
happy to see them.
Mary on the custom bike that
Phil and Sandy rode to barstow
to visit us.  (The bike looked
bigger than her.)  Frank, Mary's
husband thinks she is having
way to much fun out here.  (Just
Nick Kypriotis, Living near
Newberry Springs, Native of