Journal entry, 2-5-07
Hello all.  I know everyone is wondering if I am out there in this cold walking.  Well, I had to make a very tough
decision as to get out there in this extreme cold, or just waiting it out.  My family overruled my desire to be out there.
 I have decided to wait until the temperatures are out of the single digits.  

I have been very active doing a lot of things that needed done around home.  I have been working in real estate
and doing some freelance journalism.  I am posting a link on my home page so everyone can read the articles that I
have written.  

I have some great news!  My physical last week showed that I am no longer suffering from CHF (congestive heart
failure) and diabetes.  My Doctors tell me that I may be the first person ever recorded that has cured himself of
congestive heart failure.   When I started this journey I wanted to lose the weight and get healthier.  I would have
never dreamed that I would be cured of these dreadful conditions that plagued me.  I have so many wonderful
people to thank for that.  All you folks out there that gave me courage, hope and prayers, I want to thank you from
the bottom of my healthy heart.   There are three people out there that not only gave me those things, they gave
from themselves in a way that equals or supersedes what I have done.  They literally put their lives on hold to come
out and teach me how to get healthy for nearly 2.5 months, at their own expense.  They are Dr. Bert Herring, Dr.
Judi Herring and her Mother Mary Herring.  I have to be the most blessed X-fat man that ever lived.  I am not only
healthier, I am much better off having known and learned from them.  There were times that I laid on the side of the
road and cried from pain and agony, but Dr. Judi told me over and over again that I could do it.  Mary was always
there looking after me as if I was her child.  She always seen to it that I had water.  I never knew anyone that could
turn even hard boiled eggs and salami into a gourmet meal.  She did ever day.  Bert was there taking care of
logistics.  He stayed on top of everything.  But most of all, they treated me like family and gave me comfort, even
when I was down and out.  When I write my book about my journey, I will dedicate a few chapters about the things
they did for me.

There is something else I would like to share with you guys.  There is a guy named Tony McEachern that is from
Sarasota, Florida.  He has been suffering from a brain tumor now for many years.  Tony has survived against all
odds and is giving hope to people all over the country because of his courage and determination.  Here is a link to
his web site:                                                                  Tony embarked on a walk last week that would take him
across Florida.   Tony is the guy that uses the phrase:  "One foot in front of the other until the end."  I added part of
that to the phrase I use in honor of his effort.  I have never met Tony, but I plan on it when I am done.  My hat is off
to you Tony.

Well, I guess that will about do it for now.  I know you folks are always wondering where I am and what I am up to.  
So I will continue writing journal entires like this until I am back out there.  Until next time, "Keep on walking, one foot
in front of the other."  Gary