Pictures posted: 2-15-06
This is Darlene Schmitt, a Certified Pedorthist with Foot Efx.  
She flew up from Florida just to fit me with shoes and arch
supports.  She is so full of energy, Cheryl and I fell in love
with her right away.  She will always be a very close friend.  
The time we spent together will be forever cherished.  You
can email her at:  Her Phone number is:
866-650-5917.   She will be very happy to help you with your
arch support questions or needs.
picture is of
me under
the Arch in
St. Louis,
Mo.  The
camera guy
is Channel
5 news
doing an
just before I
I was being Interviewed by 3
television stations at once
St. Louis, Mo as I was crossing
over into Illinois.
This is me leaving at shortly after 10am.  
You can see three televisions crews in
the background filming as I left.
This is Robert Cohen, a photographer
with the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.  
He is around every corner taking my
picture as I walk by.  He followed me
for nearly 10 miles today and must
have taken 100's of pictures.
I took this picture of the Arch as I was
crossing the Mississippi river Eads bridge.  
Walking along Hwy 50
in Illinois on 2-17-06
Pictures posted 2-22-06
This is Dan O'neal and me at
his store, REI at: 1703 S.
Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood
Mo.  63144. Dan is
sponsoring me for my new
equipment which includes: A
Backpack, A 15 Degree
Mummy Sleeping bag, Self
inflating mat, and a two man
tent.  Everything is light
weight and has cut my weight
in half.  Their # is:
314-918-1004.  Dan really
knows his stuff.
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