Journal entry, 1-19-06
I spent the day going over plans and getting ready to go.  I am getting more and more excited as I prepare.  I
talked with my family about my plans and everything seems to be going smooth.  My departure day is still set for
2-15-05.  I am going to leave for sure on that day regardless of weather.  I simply want to get started.  I will
update my journal as often as I can.

I want to assure everyone that I am really going to do this and I have never been more serious about anything in
my life.  I really don't know what awaits me out there, but I have to do this.  When I think of the long hours, sore
feet, aches and cramps and all the other ailments that are associated with this type of ordeal, I am still steadfast
in my resolve.  I really look forward to meeting all the people out there.  I also expect to do some soul searching
and hopefully learn how to stay healthy and thin.

I do not want to mock other people in my condition.  I know weight loss and control can be very hard to deal with,
and every heavy person has their own demons to fight.  I feel that I am at the bottom of my rope and I just can't
go on anymore without losing weight.

Journal entry, 1-24-06
I will be leaving at 10 am on the 15th from the front of the Arch in St. Louis, Mo.  There are several media people
that will be there to see me off.  All my friends and family will be there as well.  I am continuing to walk everyday
building up to the day of departure.  I will be posting several pictures of the event shortly after that i depart.  I will
be updating my journal more often now as the departure day gets nearer.  

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to email me and give me moral support.  I am humbled by the
kindness that most of you have for me and my wife.

Journal entry, 1-30-06
I have been in contact with Foot-efx and they have agreed to supply me with walking shoes and arch supports
throughout my entire walk.  Darlene, a representative will fly to St. Louis from Florida to fit me with my shoes and
arch supports in a few days.  They will be re-supplying me with shoes and inserts as I need them.   I would like to
thank Ed, Darlene and Steve (CEO) of Foot-efx for their kindness, generosity and graciousness.  With out their
support my walk across America would be extremely difficult because of my weight, I simply must have good
shoes and inserts.  I will keep everyone updated on my walking shoes and how my feet will endure them.

I am doing several local radio interviews and a local television interview in the upcoming week.  I have been in
contact with a national news agency as well.  I want to help focus attention on obesity in America.  I have a lot to
say about that subject and you will receive bits and pieces of it throughout my walk.

I talked with my Father yesterday about my walk.  He is 84 years old and is a resident at a nursing home only 5
minutes from where I live.  He has only been there since November last year.  I see him almost everyday and I
thought it would be hard on him to tell him I would not be seeing him everyday for a while.  He simply smiled and
said he was proud of me and he understood that I must lose weight.  This means a lot to me and eases my mind
a lot.

On the other side, My mother thinks that I have gone over the deep end.  She jokingly made that statement
when I told her what I was going to do.  The rest of my family are very supportive and most of them have
expressed interest in walking some of the journey with me.  I must ad, none of my siblings are heavy like me.   I
told them all it would be great.   

I would also like to invite anyone in the entire country to come walk with me if they would like.  It would be nice
having company.