Journal entry, 7-7-06
I got up at 6 am and started walking.  I stopped at a bagel shop and had a nice breakfast bagel and decaf coffee.  It
started warming up and by 9 am it was warm already.  I walked to just past Exton, Pa. and got on Hwy 202 north.  I went
1 mile and decided it was just too dangerous walking on 202.  I took Hwy 401 back down to Hwy 30 and stopped at
friendlies to eat.  There I met some very nice folks.  I shared with them some of my story and they were very happy for
me and my progress at losing weight.  They posed for a picture.

After eating dinner, I walked over to the Holiday Inn Express just to see if I could sit in their lounge and use the laptop to
get online.  I met the clerk named Peter Sanger, who is from England.  I didn't want to get a room but  Peter gave me a
very good price to help me out.  It was unexpected so tonight I am in the Motel instead of my tent.  I look forward to
staying in Motels.  It feels so good to take a hot shower and get cleaned up, let alone sleeping in a nice clean bed.

I am waiting for Cheryl to call.  Right after her call I will go to sleep and try and enjoy this nice room and get a great
night sleep.  Good night all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 7-8-06
The air conditioner went out in the room I had at the Holiday Inn Express.  I woke up at 3 am and could not go back to
sleep because it was just too warm.  At 7 am I went downstairs and had a continental breakfast.  Then I went up and
showered and packed and by 10 am I was out the door.

The day started out not to bad.  The temperature keep climbing as the day went on.  By 4 Pm I was in Berwyn, Pa.  I
stopped at a place called "Nectar" to have lunch.  I ended up talking with everyone that worked there for about 1 hour.  
They were very inspired by some of my experiences.

They ended up buying me dinner.  I was very happy to meet and talk with them.  They wished me well and I left.  I
walked further on Hwy 30 and just before Wayne, Pa. I stopped to rest.  This very nice couple named Peter and Kay
saw me resting and came over to talk with me.

They told me where I could find a nice place to pitch my tent.   "Way to go you guys".  I continued walking into Wayne.  It
got dark before I got to Wayne.  As I entered Wayne, I heard a voice from behind that said, "Hey Mister, can I ask you
something?"  I turned around and there was a young fella about 16 years old.  I said sure you can ask me anything you
want.  He then asked me where I was walking to with such a large back pack.  After I explained to him, he became quite
excited.  He had two friends that were waiting on the other side of the street and they came over.  It was a real pleasure
talking with such bright young folks.  When we were done talking, the first guy that I had talked with asked if he could
hug me.  I was very touched by this.  Most older folks think the young folks are all into drugs and just plain non-caring
and non-productive mindless freaks.  I can say these three young fellas were really nice and polite.  I am honored that I
met them.  I wish I could have taken their picture, but it was just too dark.  I walked on to the park and pitched my tent
where Peter and Kay told me to and it was great.  I had a great night sleep in Wayne, Pa.  Take care all, Gary, "Keep
on walking one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 7-9-06
I got up just past day light and walked on to hwy 320.  There was a shell station there and I went in and got me some
fresh fruit to eat for breakfast.  They had a deli but it was not open so early.  I sat outside on a bench for about half an
hour when a police officer named D. Barrista with the Radnor TWP. Police came into the store.

When he came out of the store I asked him about the route I was taking.  He advised me to go back about a quarter of
a mile and take the King of Prussia road.  He said I would have no problem getting on Hwy 202 going that way.

We talked for a while and I told him about some of the things I have seen along my journey.  He shared with me how he
had just donated a kidney to his 19 year old brother Mat just a few months ago.  I was really happy to meet this police
officer.  He was so friendly and struck me as the type of police officer that our country needs.  I have a high regard for
police officers and firefighters.  They are America's true heroes.  

After our talk, I continued on walking.  The King of Prussia road turned out to be very hilly and not much room on the
side of the road to walk.  Many times I had to stop and allow cars to get by me.  It took me the better part of the day  to
walk to Bridgeport.  It was very warm and humid.  

When I got to Bridgeport I went into a place called Franzone's Pizzeria.  I was happy to find that they had other things
on the menu besides pizza.  I ordered a sandwich.  I met some of the employees there and told them some of the things
that I have been through out here.  They were really interested about my Journey.

After eating they told me there was a park very close and that I could pitch my tent there and would not be bothered.  I
was happy to camp there because I was tired and hot and just wanted to lay down and rest.  Rick carried my gear to the
park for me and showed me where to camp.  Every one was worried about me walking into Noristown after dark.  They
said it was dangerous with a lot of crime at night.

I had a good night sleep until about 4:30 am.  It just so happened to be that I set my tent directly in the path that a lot of
people walk on as a short cut to get to the train station to go to work.  I watched about 50 people or so walk by my tent
close enough to touch it.  I finally got up and tore it down and got going.   Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one
foot in front of the other."
The crew at
Friendlies in
Malvern, Pa.  
Peter Sanger, Desk Clerk
at the Holiday Inn
Express in Malvern, Pa.
Part of the crew at Nectar in
Berwyn, Pa  Bob Simpson,
Christina Cunningham, Kurt
Jablonski and Krissy Leonetti
Peter and Kay,
somewhere near
Wayne, Pa.
Police officer D.
Battista with the
Radnor TWP Police
This is part of the crew at
Franzone's: Tim McMinn,
Sean Malanoski, Jordan
Marburger & Rick McMinn
Rich McMinn carried my
gear to the park where I
camped.  He is also a
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