On my way there a car stopped and two nice girls named Ashley Foley and Kimberly Baniewicz recognized me and
stopped to talk.  They were very excited to meet me and I shared with them a little about my journey.  It was a
pleasure meeting you folks and thanks for the nice words of encouragement.  

Once inside I met a couple of very nice guys and I told them about my journey.  They were extremely interested
about some of my experiences and we talked for a while.   Their names are Paul and Jeremy.  Paul asked if I would
like to pitch my tent in his back yard for the night.  It was getting late, so I thought it would be a great idea.  We all
went to his house and played pool until about midnight.  We had a great time.  I met Paul's wife Karen and their two
kids Brian and Nikki.

Thank you guys for taking me in and making me feel like family.  I will be looking forward to seeing you guys again.  
I don't have a picture of Jeremy, but you are a great friend also and I hope to see you again when I return.  "Keep
on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 7-14-06
This morning I got up at about 7 am.  Paul was already up and came out while I put my tent away.  I had some
coffee with his family and then Paul took me back to where we met.   Thanks for everything Paul.  I really had a
wonderful time.

I walked into Buckingham, Pa.  It was around 4 pm when I got there and I went into a nice place to eat.  I met a very
nice couple named Steve Cooper and Tia Foroud.  They were very nice folks and we talked for a while.  They
helped me find a place to pitch my tent for the night.

You guys are great and thank you for your time and friendship.  You are wonderful good friends.  

I pitched my tent under some nice trees and it didn't take long to get to sleep.  It has been very warm during the
evenings and it is about 11 pm before it gets cool enough to go to sleep.  But tonight it is not so bad and I have a
wonderful view of the stars.   I can also see the lights of New York City in the far distance.  I lay there thinking that it
won't be long now I will be in that very lit up place.  It makes me happy knowing that I am almost there.  Take care
all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 7-15-06
Today I went to breakfast with Steve and Tia.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed their company.  They are
such nice people and we had so much to talk about.  After breakfast I continued on my journey.  As I got to New
Hope, Pa I met a couple named John & Lupe Summers.  Their Dog, Betty Girl was named after his Mother Betty.  

I was telling them about my bear encounter just as a police officer was writing them a ticket for their parking meter
running out of time.  I keep holding them to finish my bear story and they were anxious to get to their car.  I can say
that they got a ticket because of me being long winded telling them about my experience.

After they left I ran in to Gordon H Nieburg.  He was a very fit and energetic man in his 70's.  He is with the Police
department and a reporter.  After telling him what happened with the Summer family getting a ticket because of
me, he said he would get the ticket stopped.  I am very happy about that because I feel it was my fault that they got
the ticket in the first place.    

After that I went to the bridge that goes into New Jersey.  It was a very emotional moment for me to walk over the
bridge.  I stopped and looked back at Pa. and got a tear in my eye.  I remembered all the wonderful people I have
met in Pa. and it makes me sad to be leaving it.  I will miss Pa tremendously. "Keep on walking, one foot in front of
the other."  Gary

Journal entry, 7-21-06
I have been staying in New Jersey now for 3 days because I could not afford to stay in the more expensive motels
in NYC.  I have been waiting to find out when I will be on David Letterman.  I received a phone call from the
Letterman staff asking if I could appear on their show when I get to NYC.  I told them I did not know when I would
get there so setting a date would be difficult.  They told me to call them when I know I will be there.  I called them
Wednesday and told them I would be there Friday.  They said they were not filming Friday but I should call them
back on Friday.  So I have been staying in New Jersey at a motel until Friday to find out when I will be on D.
Letterman.  I called them Friday morning and only got an answer machine.  I left them a message and haven't
heard back yet.  I tried again this afternoon and still only got an answer machine.

I will go into NYC now on Monday and set my departure time for Tuesday, unless I find out that D. Letterman will
slot me for that time.  So that is what is going on.  I want to thank those of you that have offered to help me this
weekend.  I appreciate it more than you could know.  

It has been raining just about all day.  I really hope it doesn't get as hot as it did last week and I will be fine.  I will let
everyone know what is going on as I find out.  Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."
Journal entry, 7-24-06
Today I met up with Dr. Judi Herring and Dr. Bert Herring.  They drove up to meet me and spent some of the time
filming me while I walked.  You can watch the film by going to their website:                               I really enjoyed
meeting them.  They are very nice and we had a wonderful time.  They drove ahead of me a few times filming me
in different locations.  It was about 6 pm when they left to go back to their family's home where they are  visiting.

I arrived into NYC and went to the NYC Penn station at around midnight and caught a train to a point close to the
airport and took a taxi the rest of the way.  I placed my sleeping mat on the floor of the Airport and got some sleep
until around 7 am.  I was very tired from the long walk into NYC.  My flight left at 10 am and I arrived in St. Louis,
Mo. at around 2:30 pm.   I originally did not plan to stop in St. Louis but Cheryl notified me that if I did not take a
continual education class that my real estate license would expire in Sept.  So I decided to go home for that.  

I slipped into NYC without anyone knowing that I was there and I did no interviews.  I had waited in New Jersey on
the David Letterman show to slot me.  I guess it was just too short of a notice for them and they are going to slot
me at another time and fly me back for that.  I guess that will be alright because it will help bring National Attention
to the Obesity problem in America.

After arriving back in St. Louis, Cheryl picked me up and we had a wonderful evening together to include dinner.   I
plan on going to San Diego soon.  I will keep you posted.  Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."
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Paul, Karen and Brian.  
Nikki was sleeping
when I took this pic.
Ashley Foley and
Kimberly Baniewicz,
 From Newtown, Pa.
Steve Cooper, Tia Foroud
and a friend that came
out to get a few pictures.
John & Lupe Summers
and their dog Betty Girl.  
They are from New Hope,
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