Gary is in Union Town, Pennsylvania today. He is doing well. Everyday out there is very hot and hilly . He wants
everyone to know he will walk and never stop walking.  Our sister in law found this little saying on a field trip with our
niece Sami Jo (one of Garys biggest supporters) I thought everyone would like to read:
Above, All do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every
illness. I have walked myself into my best thought and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away
from it......................................
But by sitting still, and the more one sits still, the closer one comes to feeling ill. If one just keeps on walking everything
will be all right........   Kierkegarard                 
Gary will weigh soon but thinks he is around 315 pounds and looking forward to weighing under 300.  Its hard finding a
place to put up his tent, because its so hilly. Keep cheering Gary on for I know he can make it. God Bless Everyone
Garys wife Cheryl Long...............................................................................................................................

Gary is in Markeysburg, Pennsylvania walking up a lot of hills. He did weigh last night and was 315 lbs. and feels so
good now. Due to Gary not having a laptop out there, he's focusing on his walking and getting the weight off. Sooner or
later we will update his sight with his journal that he continues to write.  Until then, Gary's going to keep on walking , one
foot in front of the other. He plans to get to New York some where around  July 7, 2006. Keep it up Gary?
Thank You, Cheryl Long

Gary is in Central City, Pennsylvania today staying at World Missions in a cabin hosted by  Samuel and Lynn Childers.
Tomorrow , Gary will be on the Cornerstone Christian Television Show At 10 AM Eastern Time 06-16-06. Gary's doing
great and has been blessed everyday out there meeting good caring people that help him with his basic needs.  Gary
visited FLIGHT 93 in Somerset, Pennsylvania and left his A FAT MANS JOURNEY T-SHIRT THERE  AND SAID IT WAS A
FLIGHT 93 Happened on 9/11 2001. Let them Brave Souls never be forgotten. As for Gary, Hes going to keep on
walking one foot in front of the other. Thank You Gary's wife  Cheryl Long.

Gary put up his tent tonight 6-22-06 in the Sideling State Park about10 Miles from Breezewood, Pa. Right at dusk he
heard a loud crashing noise. He opened his tent up and there was a BEAR that immediately went from 4 paws on the
ground to Standing up and looking Gary straight in the eyes. Gary screamed so loud and was never more scared in his
life. The bear went from standing to running and hiding behind a tree. Gary then grabbed his tent still standing with all
his stuff in
it and began to run, his adrenaline was soaring and he felt like he was running the olympics.  He did not stop until he
was out of the National Forest and half way down the mountain. He then found a dust to dawn light and reset his tent
back up. He said he will not be able to sleep tonight. So I pray for his safety and know God is with him at all times. Thank
You, Cheryl Long.

Journal entry, 7-1-06
I have some great news.  I now have a laptop computer donated by Dr. Judi Herring and her husband Dr. Bert Herring,
both from Florida.   I will share a lot about Judi and her husband Bert in the very near future.  They both are dedicating
their lives to helping Obese people to lose weight.  Their website is:                             I am so excited about what they
are doing.  I highly recommend visiting their website or call them at: 904-685-5117, or 888-352-8439.

The laptop is a wireles AMA Turion 64. I don't have an ISP yet, so I can only get on line from a Motel or anyone offering
free wireless access.  I have a lot of Journal to catch up on and it will take me a few weeks.  I can assure you I have
some very interesting stories to write about.

I am currently in  Lancaster, Pa.  It was very rough coming across the mountains.   I am so happy to be out of bear
country;  But then the rains came.  I thought I would drown on more than one occasion.  There was a lot of flooding to
say the least.  But I am safe and dry now.  I have carried about 60 lbs with me on this entire trip.  I have decided that I
am carrying only what I need and will more than likely carry the same weight throughout this journey.

It may take me a few weeks to get my journal updated with all the pictures I have taken.  I plan to be in NYC on or about
the 21st of July.   I will keep everyone posted on when I will be on David Letterman.

I will be weighing very soon.  I think I am down to 305 lbs.  

I also want to thank all the wonderful people I have met along the way.  I will soon get it all posted on my journal about all
these super nice folks.

Take care all, and remember to "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."  Gary