Journal entry, 11-13-06
Yesterday I went to church and met some wonderful folks.  The children were really interested in my journey so I
spent some time with them telling them all about it.  They were eager to have their picture taken and placed on my
website.  They thought what I was doing was awesome.  

This video was made between Stroud and Bristow, Ok.  

                          (6,929 KB)

Later I made another video when I was pitching my camp for the night.

                          (13,617 KB)

Journal entry, 11-14-06
This morning a guy named Harley Bethel from Bristow, Ok.  He saw my tent on the hill as he was going to work.  It
was a little wet this morning so I was waiting until the sun came out so my tent would dry.  Little did I know that folks
could see my tent from the main road.  I thought I was up pretty high and I would not be seen.  But it turned out
alright.  I met Harley when he stopped by to see if I was alright.  He even brought me a cup of coffee.  We had a
long talk and I really was happy to meet him.  I made a video of him.

                            (15,249 KB)

After Harley left, I packed up and walked to Kellyville, Ok.  I  met a very nice police officer named Mike Carter.  He
stopped and ask me if I needed help.  I told him who I was and what I was doing and assured him I was ok.  We
talked for a while and I shared the Fast-5 lifestyle with him.  He was very interested and I was glad we met.

I notice the pictures I take with my new camera has the wrong date and time on them.  I will get that set as soon as I
read the instructions on how to do that.

The weather tonight is supposed to get very bad.  Rain doesn't  bother me very much unless it has a lot of lightning
strikes nearby.  That could fry me in my tent.  So when I see it getting real bad I try to get inside somewhere.  When
that is not possible, I just pray about it and put it in God's hands.  I don't think I could make it on this journey without
my faith in God.

Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 11-16-06
I got a late start today because I had to wait on UPS to deliver my last pair of shoes that I will need during this trip.  
It brings my total pairs of shoes needed for this trip to 11.  As I lose weight, the shoes last much longer.

Just as started on Route 66 a simi truck passed me and the wind created from it blew me down.  I landed on my
right knee and thought for a minute that I was going to have problems today.  But after a few minutes it was alright.  
The traffic was busy and a lot of folks saw me get blown over. I bet that must have been funny to them.  But to me,
it was not very funny at all.  

I continued walking on into Tulsa.  I stopped by the Route 66 Sunrise Grill and met and talked with Myra Corrao.  
We talked about my journey and the fast-5 system.  

She was a very nice person and I really enjoyed talking with her.  I also met a very nice family that were having a
late lunch.  I shared with them about my journey.  I took a picture but for some reason it didn't come out when I tried
to download it onto the computer.  It was too blurry.  I also wrote their names on one of my cards but I accidentally
gave the card to someone else.  I apologize for not getting them on my journal.

After that, I walked on into Tulsa.  Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 11-17-06
I have been thinking about a lot of things about this walk.  Let me share some of it with you folks.  One of the main
reasons for this walk is to inspire others that are like me, (Obese, sick & having an eating disorder) in hopes that
they would do something about their own conditions.  I am thinking that in reality, folks are interested in my journey
only to see if a fat man can make it and succeed.  I guess it seems like I am kinda like a soap opera for most folks.  
In reality, most folks could care less if I lose the weight or even fail for that matter.  I guess I understand that way of
thinking.  No one ask me to do this walk.  No one cared if I did this walk.  I never wanted any attention for doing this
walk.  If it wasn't for the thought that someone may be inspired from it, then I would not even do an interview with
the papers or TV.  

I talk with folks everyday about weight loss and will probably do that for the rest of my life.  But I have to be honest.  
I am not really sure that I can keep the weight off myself.  I don't know if I am strong enough to do what it takes to
keep the weight off.  There was a Doctor that said, "we must give up on the obese generation, there is no hope for
them and we should try and educate the future generations about obesity problems."  Maybe that Doctor was right.  
When I first heard that I thought, please don't give up on us fat people.  But in reality, when we give up on
ourselves, how can we expect others to feel sorry for us.  I am realizing, who am I to be trying to teach others about
weight loss.  I am only a fat person that got fat because I didn't know anything about weight loss, but I thought I
knew everything.

There are so many folks out there that felt sorry for me and wanted to help me in so many small ways, if it wasn't for
those folks, I probably would have quit long ago.  To be honest, I keep going because I feel like I owe it to those
nice folks.  In reality, I just want to go home.   

One other reason  I haven't quit yet is because Cheryl is helping me be strong to complete the walk.  She told me I
can not quit.  I would really like to just do it and go home and avoid any public attention.  I have been telling folks
from the beginning that I wasn't in this for the attention.  

I expect this update will make a lot of folks sad.  I am sorry.  I have said all along, if you want a hero, look to those
that are true heroes.  To me the heroes are those that have what it takes to keep the weight off the conventional
way.  By using self control over food and an exercise program that works for them,  not someone that gets obese
and then tries something drastic to lose the weight like I am doing.  That kinda points to a belief I have that most
obese people have a mental disorder, which I call a compulsive eating disorder.  I think most obese folks probably
have it.  Take care all, Gary, "keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."
Watch video clip
Watch video clip
Mike Carter, a police officer with
the Creek County Sheriff's office in
Sapulpa, Ok.
Watch video clip
Minor cut on my knee after a big
truck blew me down.  After landing
on my knee I was able to roll and
did not suffer any further injury.  
This makes the second time that I
fell like this.  The first time I cut up
both knees early on in this journey.
Myra Corrao, from Tulsa.  She
works at the Route 66 Sunrise Grill
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