Journal entry, 10-29-06
This weekend is very important to me.  I said good-bye to Mary and Judi for a couple of days. We will meet up
where I left off and continue to walk until we reach St. Louis.  I wanted to meet with Teresa and Robert, two new
friends of mine that have been following my journey.  

This is the first day I have had off since I left La.  I am not sure what to do with myself.  I guess when you are used
to walking 7 days a week from Daylight to dusk, it would seem weird to do anything different.  

I haven't been able to get a verizon cell signal since Arizona.  I have so many pictures I would like to upload but
can't until I get a verizon signal again.  Hopefully when I reach Oklahoma I will be able to.  

I have done some thinking this weekend about what I have accomplished.  I am so proud of myself for my weight
loss.  A year ago I would have never thought that I would be able to lose this weight.  My thoughts are happy and I
feel like a million dollars.  Everything about me has changed.  I want to write in detail about this later.  Right now, I
am enjoying this new life.  I still have some weight to go but I will get it all off.  

I know it is hard for most folks to understand that I am really never going to get fat again, because everyone
always does.  That is because most people don't change anything about their eating habits.  I know one thing for
sure, if you got fat once, you will do it again if you don't change the way you eat.  I was really worried about this.  I
knew I would lose the fat walking across America.  Let me tell you something, "
No fat person can walk across
America without losing weight."
 It is just too hard to do.  I guess if you go out and walk 500 miles and then set
back and eat for a month, then you might lose and gain it back.    The first lag of my trip I ate all I could and I still
lost 60 lbs.  Losing the weight was never a question for me.  I just knew it would be hard to break the hold that
eating had on me.  After being with Judi and her Mother for 2.5 months, I have truly learned how to break the hold
that food had on me.  I did this by learning all I could about fast-5 and then adhering to it.  I no longer crave
anything for the first time since I got out of the Army.  I have lost a hundred lbs just in the last 2.5 months alone.  I
could never had done that without Judi and Bert's fast-5 lifestyle change.  

That my friends is why I am so happy!  Like giving up smoking, you know when you have made it or not.  Well I
know I have made it.

I have ran into so many folks that are trying to lose weight.  Most go up and down like a yoyo.  Most people trying
to lose weight have one thing in common.  They are happy with a few pounds weight loss (even though they are
still obese) and are sad when they gain it back.  It is a never ending cycle of losing and regaining.  This cycle is
not so bad until they start getting high blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure and so on.  These will
occur in all obese people, some sooner than others.  The sad part is, most people don't get serious about weight
loss until they have a serious health problem, then it is too late.  Once you have a health problem that is related to
obesity, you will have it for the rest of your life.  The doctors will give you medicine and you will live your life out in
the best way possible and you will feel lucky that they gave you a few more years.  But what makes me sad is that
most folks are so stuck in their lifestyle, they are willing to die before they make a change.  How can anyone be
convinced to make a change about their eating habits when they have spent a lifetime learning their bad habits?

One of the most common things obese people tell me is that their diet is working.  They talk about how they have
lost a few pounds and they would be happy to stay just like they are.  I just look at them and think, ok, you have
been dieting for several years, you have lost a few lbs, you think you look and feel better, you think you have your
weight under control and then you give me that "you can't tell me squat about dieting" look and think they have
got me off their case.  Wrong!  All they have accomplished at that point is to convince me they really know squat
themselves about dieting.

I have come to realize that giving up a lifetime of eating is the hardest thing that obese people will ever face.  The
reason is very deep rooted and probably will keep most obese people from ever losing the weight and regaining
their health and enjoying their life again.  The causes are anywhere from the abundance of food everywhere you
go, ingredients that are added to our food that make us crave a certain product and many more reasons.  But the
main reason is that the part of our brain that makes us hungry is more powerful than the rest of the brain.  Any
part of the brain that overrides the common sense part of our brain that makes us overeat to our own self
destruction has got to be strong!  

Most all obese people that I meet out here are very closed minded to anything new and pretend that they are
satisfied with their weight.  I think, Who are you trying to kid? I was there!  I was obese for 9 years!  I know better!  
Life simply is horrible being obese!

In my opinion, for these folks the only hope is to find a way to turn off the part of the brain that keeps them
hungry. I know that sounds like a long shot but listen to me while I explain.  I have effectively shut off the hunger
switch in my brain and now I no longer crave the food that I have spent years craving.  I am convinced that the
majority of obese people will never know the thrill of being skinny again or figure out how to lose their weight.  In
my opinion, If they don't figure out a way to shut off the hunger switch, they are probably doomed to die obese.

All of you that truly want to turn off that switch and want to be healthy again, then do as I suggest.  Get on the
Fast-5 lifestyle and let Bert walk you through it and you will turn off that hunger switch.  It is that simple.  It is free.
It will change your life.  If there was another way, I would tell about it as well.  I am not paid or asked to promote the
fast-5 system.  It is simply a life style that is so effective that I am convinced that it will sweep the nation.  I feel it
will be the only hope for obese folks.  The only thing about fast-5 is that for it to work, you must not eat past the 5
hours.  Giving iyourself the 19 hours each day of fasting is what turns off the hunger switch in your brain.  It only
takes 3 days for most people for that to happen.  If you give it only one day or just can't make it the 19 hours
without a potato chip, or any thing with calories, then you will never be able to turn off the switch.  Once the switch
is turned off, your life will change and you will be like me, trying to tell others about this cure for obesity.

For those of you that scoff at what I am telling you,  I understand.  That part of the brain that controls your hunger
is so powerful, you will keep overriding your common since and that doesn't make you a bad person, but will help
you remain fat.  Take care all, Gary, "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."

Journal entry, 10-30-06
Today I want to post some new photos.
These were taken 10-30-06
My tent, Judi's and Mary's pop-up
Cows always looking at me
when I walk by
My friends from the Pepsi plant
The train that stopped because I
was resting near the tracks
The Sheriff that checked me out,
really a very good guy
I got off track and walked
on the wrong road.  These
guys gave me a ride to
Wheeler, Texas to get me
back on track
Robert and Teresa, two really nice
people that drove a long way to
pick me up to spend some time
with me.  They have become like
family to me.