Oct 7, 2012
      It has been several years since I updated my website. I have tried to update my website, but
was unsuccessful.  The programs and computers have changed and I simply was not able to access
my website builder to make updates. I have finally taken the time to learn about these changes and
am now able to do updates.  Please accept my humble apology.

      I have been very active over the last few years.  I am working full time for the rail road as a
container driver.  They are the big containers that load and off load from trains.  They mount the
container onto my truck and I deliver it locally.  This is a very time consuming job, averaging 12
hours a day.  I work most Saturdays and am always off on Sundays.  Sadly this leaves very little
time for other activities.

      Cheryl and I took care of my father until his death 3 years ago at the age of 87.  Now we are
taking care of my 78 year old Mother who has Alzheimers. Cheryl continues to sell real estate, but
between our jobs, we manage to take good care of her.  My mother has her good and bad days,
challenging us often.  It seems that when we feel we can't go on with her, she gets better. Then we
can enjoy her until she turns for the worse again.  We are thankful that her good days far out
number her bad days.

      Shortly after my walk I enrolled in a MBA program at American Intercontinental University.  It
was entirely online so I was able to take a full load while working full time.  I knew that at age 58,
obtaining an MBA would probably not help me to obtain employment.  Who is looking for an
employee at that age, fresh out of school. Finishing school was a life time dream that my life choices
always steered me away from. The walk gave me back my health, which motivated me to do the
things that I had nearly given up on.

      Often I wanted to write the book about my walk, but Cheryl insist that I stay away from the
computer.  She is afraid that my health would not hold up if I spend much time at the computer.  So
I assured her that once my school was finished, I would stay off the computer as much as possible.  
My total computer time equals about 1 hour a month now. I do check mail and browse the web
occasionally from my I Phone. I mostly get online to see pictures of my nine grandchildren, or to
assist Cheryl in Real Estate matters.  

      I reflect on the walk often.  There are so many memories.  I am humbled by all the people that
helped me along the way.  Judi, Mary, and Bert are etched in my memory forever.  I remember our
time together as if it were yesterday. Being away from them is like being away from a family
member. Each passing year the yearning to see them again gets stronger. My time with them is as
significant as it would have been had we walked on the moon.  I truly miss them but realize that life
goes on. Someday perhaps we will all meet again.

      Yesterday I watched a movie on Netflix.  The name of the movie is "The Machine Gun
Preacher." The movie is a true story about a man named Sam Childers.  I met him while walking
through Pennsylvania. I spen
t 3 days with Sam and his family. He told me about many of the things
that were in the movie.  I was excited to learn that a movie was made about him.  Meeting Sam and
his family was one of the many highlights of my journey. I will forever cherish the time I spent with
him, and honor him for what he is doing in Africa to save the children. I encourage everyone to
watch the movie. There are hundreds of people that I met on my walk, and perhaps I will write
something about most of them as I do these updates. We will see.....

      My health is really great.  6 years after the walk, I am still very healthy.  I have a strong heart,
good B/P, low sugar, and no health issues.  I am truly blessed with good health.  I have little or no
trouble maintaining a good weight.  I credit the knowledge of fast-5 for this.  I think that someday
the world will realize that Fast-5 is the best way to combat obesity, as well as maintaining good

      I will attempt to update this website at least once a month.  I get phone calls often from people
that are
suffering from obesity.  I share the problems I had with obesity, as well as Fast-5.  I
encourage anyone that has issues with obesity, please call me. My number is on the "Contact Us"
page on this website.  I can share some really great information that could help someone.

      Take care all my friends and remember to "Keep on walking, one foot in front of the other."