Journal entry, 9/26/07
I guess it has been sometime since I have updated.  Well, I certainly have a lot of updating to do.  I want to share
with you all that is going on in my life up to date.

First of all I would like to announce that I have been going to the Golds Gym everyday now for some time.  I start
out with an hour on the treadmill and then move into the weights.  After that, I enjoy the sauna and a good swim.  I
spend 2 or more hours each day there and I love it.  My health is excellent.  That is very hard to believe when you
consider that only 2 years ago, I was a dying man.  

I am working very hard to put together the 3 day boot camp, most of the details are set.  I just have a few more,
then I will add a link to this website to announce it with all the details.  You may know someone that should sign up
and come,  I promise it will change their life.

I will be hosting a live talk radio program on Voice America.  I am trying to schedule Friday afternoons for 1 hour.   I
will be interviewing some great guest, you will certainly want to tune in, or better yet, call in.  If you want to be a
guest on my show, please email me with your request.  My schedule is filling up fast.  I will be posting the full
schedule in the very near future.  You will be able to click on a link on my website to listen live.  

Now, for your biggest concern....  What about my walk..... Let me tell you this.  I will be finishing the walk very soon
with some very incredible things to share with you.  I assure you that you will love it.  Just thinking about it gets me
very excited and wanting to share it with you now, but I must wait.  The conclusion of my walk will "Knock your
socks off." I did not plan it that way, that is just the way it worked out.   Much more about this soon enough.

So many folks out there have been following my website and I certainly appreciate that.  You folks have given me
comfort in knowing that there are a lot of you that really care about me and what I have accomplished.  I will always
say that if not for most of you, I would not have gone as far as I did. I did not need for much, as there was always
someone there that gave in some way, either by donating a few dollars, or just a place to pitch my tent for the
night, Or my friend from California that donated a motel room once a week.  Sometimes he wanted me to spend a
few days in the motel just to rest up.  The nice folks that paid for my plane ticket home from NYC, and my friend
from California that paid for my air fare to California, then set me up in a very nice Hotel for a couple of days, then
sent me by Limo to meet up with Dr. Judi and Mother Mary.  And what about those two.  Mary & Judi, giving up
nearly 3 months of their lives to ensure that I made it safely through the hardest part of the journey, through the
desert.  When you stop and think about the logistics of such support.  It sure cost them a lot of money, all for
wanting to help obesity in America.  There are so many wonderful stories just from all the support I found out
there, It certainly changed how I feel about America forever.  America has so many good people in it, I am so
blessed that I got to see that first hand.

Now about God.  You know, before I started this journey, I ask God to help me and to lookout for my family while I
was gone.  I ask him to keep me safe and to lead folks into my path that would be there for me.  Boy, Did he ever
deliver!!  Early on in the walk I realized that I had nothing to worry about.  That is the most incredible thing about
my journey.  I learned that if you have something that is noble to do, and you do it for unselfish reasons, and you
ask God to help you, he will help you above and beyond what you could imagine.  I guess you can say that is the
most important thing I have learned during my journey.

I think now that plans are coming together rapidly, I will make journal updates frequently now.  With that, once
again, this is Gary Long, and "Keep on Walking, one foot in front of the other."