Note:  There are several other interviews
that are in the making before departure.  
We just haven't slotted the exact time yet.

8:45am:  Live radio interview with Fox 2 radio news in
St. Louis, Mo.

8:30am: Live radio interview with an Am station with
Linkup to Fm in Washington, Missouri

8am - 8:30am: Live Television interview with Fox 2 News,
Channel 4 news and Channel 5 news

9am - 10am: Interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch

10am: I will bid farewell to everyone and head north to the
Eads bridge and go east to Troy, Illinois.  There I will pick up
High Way 40.  I will be on Hwy 40 for a while.
Event Information
My Journal
This is the route I will take.
Gary is in Chelsea, Ok,
as of 11-21-06