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My Journal
List of people that have
helped me in one way or
This is a list of most people that I
have met out there that have
helped me in some way, whether it
be a glass of water, a place to pitch
my tent, or maybe a free meal or a
few dollars, even though I never
asked for any assistance, these
people out of the kindness of their
heart, wanted to help a complete
stranger, did so.
Foot Efx, St. Augustine, Florida
REI, St. Louis, Missouri
Darlene Schmitt, St. Augustine, Florida
Dan O'neal, St. Louis, Missouri
Tony Smith, E. St. Louis, Illinois
Shaquandra McTillman, O'fallon, Illinois
Warren Barty, Lebanon, Illinois
Jack & Ruth Wise, Lebanon, Illinois
David Long, Fenton, Missouri
Todd Rutz, Trenton, Illinois
Knights of Columbus, Breese, Illinois
Vickie Eddinger, Breese, Illinois
Breese Inn, Breese, Illinois
Salem Inn, Salem, Illinois
Motel 8, Salem, Illinois
Dennys, Salem, Illinois
Apple Bee, Salem, Illinois
The Little Tulsa, Salem, Illinois
Terri Marcum, Salem, Illinois
Janet Pratt, Salem, Illinois
Mike Bolton, Salem, Illinois
Austins Restaurant, Salem, Illinois
Don Herdes, Noble, Illinois
Sue Ginder, Olney, Illinois
Fran Fore, Olney, Illinois
Donna & Jason Rennier, Olney, Illinois
Lonnie Perryman, Ester Jones, Olney, Illinois
Willard D. Gray, Sumner, Illinois
Larry Weber, Olney, Illinois
David Weiler, Olney, Illinois
Dan Grove, Olney, Illinois
Toby & Marie Thomas, Ingraham, Illinois
Mike Bynum, Vincennes, Indiana
David E. Dooley, Lawrenceville, Illinois
Lisa Medgaus, St. Louis, Missouri
Tom, Lakewood, Colorado
Ewald Properties, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri
Monroe Parker, Monroe City, Indiana
Jamie & Preston Batman, Schoals, Indiana
Stephen Taylor, Willoughby, Australia
Jason Smart, Stockport, Cheshire, U.K.
Robert Warren,  (Unknown)
Sanda Brown, Mableton, Georga
Maryotela Drel, Orlando, Florida
Elias Janetis, Williamsport, Pa

this list is much larger, and I will update it
when the journey is complete.