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This was when I was a
Drill Sergeant
stationed at Fort Bliss,
Tx.  I was there from
1983 to 1986.  If you
remember me as being
your Drill Sgt, Please
email me.  I would like
to hear from you.  I
was 30 years old in
this photo.
This picture was taken at the
South Fork Ranch near Dallas,
Tx.  You can see that I was not
big at all back then.  I was also
about 30 years old in this
This is my father.  He can still play the guitar pretty
good.  He is 84. (He loves keeping his head warm.)
This is me and two army friends during a live fire exercise on the Island of
Crete, Greece.   On the left, Pedro Ortiz, lives in Florida.  In the middle is
Dennis Coats, lives near me in Imperial, Mo.  Far right, Gary Long, age 23.  The
Picture was taken in 1977.
In this picture we just finished firing the missile.  The cables we were
holding were the cables that fired the missile.  When we do a live fire,
they let us keep the cables as souvenirs.  From the left, Me,   SFC
O'brian  (this guy is the one that I mentioned earlier in the "about us"
section of my website as being one of my heroes.   I am not sure about
the 3rd guy, the last guy is Pedro Ortiz.
This is me and my Mother in
her Upholstery Shop.  This
picture was taken in 1994
shortly after I got out of the
Army.  I was about 40
This picture was taken in 1969 when I was only 16 years old.  In
order from the left, Mom, Bill, Mike, Gary, Sharon, Ronnie, Danny,
Sandra & Kathy.
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